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Circle = Nature


Stars, Planets, Atoms, Molecules, DNA, Biological cells, etc... 


The shapes made by nature are circular and fit into groups with

no sharp confrontation. The single cell fits the pattern harmoniously.

The accidental sharpness will be polished in time.


Man Thinks in Cubes       Lives in Cubicles     Dreams in circles  



Square = Man


Walls, Windows, Boxes, Mechanical cells, Screens, Paper, etc...


 The shapes made by man from different times and locations reflect the

culture of that civilization. Throughout history, mankind has been creating

sharp edges and lines to confront nature.


  Square Mechanical Cells are Replacing Circular Biological Cells


















Triangle = God

Ziggurat, Pyramid, Prism, etc...

The simple triangle eliminates the bright perspective to the dark paradox.

...against man and light.